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With over 35 years of combined experience, we are excited to work with you to build a customised, client-centred support system for you. Read about our experience and backgrounds below.

Erin Smith

Erin has worked for more than 22 years with people with a disability. During this time, she has implemented supports and provided framework for many people and their families to have the ability and confidence to do the things in life that are important to them.

Erin is very excited to be involved with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the opportunities it holds for families in the Moreton Bay region.

With an extensive history of working within the state government in Disability Services (DSQ) in the Moreton Bay Area, Erin has a vast local knowledge and strong network of high quality service providers, enabling her to help you make informed decisions about which supports you would like in your life.

A particular interest of Erin’s is supporting people to be able to manage as much of their own supports as they can and want to, as demonstrated by assisting to set up self-directed support arrangements, such as clients employing their own workers, or Your Life Your Choice. If this is something you would like to work towards, she would be excited to help you achieve this.


  • Support Worker

  • Post-School Program Coordinator

  • Advocacy Coordinator

  • Family Support Program Facilitator

  • Case Manager

  • Service Advisor

Louise Headshot

Louise Veldhoven

Louise has been working with people with a disability for more than 13 years. During this time, she has worked in Disability Services QLD (DSQ) in a variety of roles including Family Support Program Facilitator, Complex Case Manager and Transition from Care Officer. These roles have required Louise to work closely with many government departments and non-government services including Child Safety Services, Youth Justice, Education and Mental Health Services.

This range of experience means Louise has a firm and thorough understanding of how different services and systems work together, and how to best implement them to provide support to individuals and families.

Having worked for both government departments and non-profits in the Moreton Bay Region, Louise’s local knowledge and provider network has her well-placed to help clients achieve the things that are important to them.

Louise is excited by the introduction of the NDIS and the opportunities it brings for people with a disability. She is always expanding her network of trusted providers to ensure individuals are able to access a range of flexible supports to assist them reach their goals.


  • Support Worker

  • Family Support Program Facilitator

  • Case Manager

  • Transition from Care Officer

  • Local Area Coordinator